JLPT N5 vocab

These are words we are expected to know for JLPT N5. There are around 700 of them; I’ll put them in batches.


candy 雨、 rain あさごはん breakfast 赤い, あかい red; communist
あき autumn 赤, あか red かばん bag, briefcase 青い, あおい blue; inexperienced
かぎ key 新しい new, fresh あさ morning, period ごろ time, about, toward
あるく to walk あそこ over there あける to open a door あく to open (business), empty
あらう to wash あのう well errr… あした tomorrow, near future 足, あし leg, foot, be sufficient
あたま head あちら that way 後, あと behind, later 上げる, あげる to raise
あなた you あに elder brother あぶない dangerous あたたかい warm, mild
あまい sweet あね elder sister アパート apartment あさって day after tomorrow
ある to be あまり not very あそぶ to play, to enjoy あかるい bright, familiar with
あの that あびる to bathe in あれ that; or so.. あつい hot weather/thing; kind